Kangaroo meat thread at rec.food.cooking ~

On 22/10/2011 12:39 PM, atec77 wrote:
> On 22/10/2011 11:22 AM, Storrmmee wrote:
>> thanks, i am always open, well for the most part, to new items, i was
>> thinking it would be similar because of the low fat content, only tame
>> rabbits have any fat to speak of and only if the farmer feeds too much
>> imho,
>> but rabbit done properly is not dry, and tbh i am not sure it has ever
>> been
>> on a menu here in the states i have had acess to, Lee

> My dogs like it but not a meat I would eat if there was an alternative
> sorta light flavoured venison but bland imho

***[Krapto responds]***

The starving millions in India or China would probably eat it without
complaint. I will always prefer ANY alternative. Dogs always love
kangaroo meat but that's probably more to do with the gamey taste.
probably also like the fact that it's very tough and chewy.

I have always been able to detect kangaroo meat in anything with only
one exception. That was in Kranski sausages made of kangaroo meat.
were done by a butcher that my roo hunting brother knows. The only
reason that I couldn't detect that they were made of roo meat was
because they were saturated with pork fat and a few spices. The pork
is necessary as the roo meat has no fat of its own and Kranskis are,
I'm told, a very fatty kind of European sausage. I was quite surprised
that the butcher could successfully disguise the taste of the roo

***55555 Krappy ~ Kranski sausages, detecting "roo" meat, disguising
the taste...Bwahahaha!