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>>ObBBQ: Brined, boneless chicken thighs liberally seasoned with
>>"tandori spices" and grilled. With a kala chana curry including
>>chopped tomatoes and potatoes.

> Would you be willing to post the recipe for the kala chana curry, or
> email it to me? My addie isn't munged.

I don't do recipes. I just improvise.

1 cup of "black chickpeas" (kala chana beans, they're brown, not
black). Soaked and cooked (takes one hour after soaking overnight).
1 onion chopped and fried in mustard oil slowly until slightly
carmelized (this is important for good currey according to my Indian
friends). Thaen add smashed garlic at the end. Added 2 chopped
roma tomatoes, a diced potato, minced ginger, various pulverized
spices (cumin, corriander, white pepper, 2 cloves, caraway, green
cardamom - dehulled). The kicker: green curry paste - yes it's Thai
- but it has many of the same ingredients you use in Indian curries.
Fry for another couple minutes - added more mustard oil. Add water
to barely cover and simmer for 10-12 minutes. Add a small 5oz(?)
can of coconut milk and simmer for another 4-5 minutes. Add 1 ts of
cornstarch to bind the oils with the other liquids.

I'd take a picture but we had some workers in the house replacing
the A/C and one of them stole my camera from the kitchen counter.

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