Islam and Terrorism

First ,

Who began the first international war ??? Muslims ??
Who began the second international war ??? Muslims ??
Who killed 20 million human residents of the same indigenous Australia?! Muslims?!
Who sent the bombs to hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Muslims?!
Who killed more than the 100 million Indians from the Red Indians in North America? Muslims?!
Who killed more than 50 million Indians of Indians in South America? Muslims?!
Who has Pastrakkak about 180 million Africans had died as slaves and about 77% of them and been thrown in the Atlantic Ocean? Muslims?!

No, they are not Muslims!!

above all, you have to specify the meaning of terrorism is well; that if a non-Muslim has to do something wrong then it just be a crime, but while the Muslim of committing the same mistake then it is described to terrorism!!!
So first you do not double standard and you will know who are the real terrorists

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