I didn't grow up eating herbs. Aside from dried parsley which my mother put
in all sorts of things. We also had some dried chives that my dad would put
in his cottage cheese on occasion. My mom did have a spice rack. Not sure
if it actually contained any herbs or just spices. She never used any of
those bottles though and I think it was merely for decoration. Actually she
did use dried mustard too. Is that an herb? Or a spice!? Dunno.

My first foray into fresh herbs was with parsley. It was called for in a
pasta salad recipe. Other than that I only used dried ones for a very long
time. But then? I was finding more and more recipes that call for the
fresh. And yet... Unless a recipe specifically calls for fresh, I rarely
think to buy them. Exception being cilantro which I will buy when I am in
the mood for it. Love the stuff.

But the potato salad that I made earlier got me thinking. By boiling the
potatoes with the fresh dill, it really caused the flavor to seep deep into
the potatoes. And that's a good thing! Of course I have cooked with herbs
and have used them in marinades. And then there are flavored olive oils and
vinegars. But is there something else I'm missing? Could I use this same
technique for something like mashed potatoes? If so... What would I use?