I've been making lots of tortilla soup recently,
and today's was one of the best. It takes only
a few minutes to make.

Soup for one:

12 tortilla chips
1 fluid ounce of Trader Joe's Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce
1 can Swanson Natural Goodness Chicken Broth
1 piece of frozen turbot or orange roughy

Break the chips into large pieces, about 1/3 their
original size. Put the chips, fish, hot sauce, and
broth into a pot. Cover the pot and bring to boil,
then turn down the heat to low. When the fish is
cooked, place in bowl and serve.

I usually make this with broccoli, but it's better
without. (I eat broccoli for health.)

Of course, you wouldn't have to make it with fish.
I happen to like fish, and I can get individual
frozen pieces of wild-caught turbot at Trader Joe's
that are just the right size for a bowl of soup.
Slices of pork sausage would be a good substitute
for the fish.

Up until yesterday, I was using Cholula hot sauce,
but that's no longer on special. So, I switched
to TJ's hot sauce. I think I like it better that
way. Cholula would be too vinegary if used in this
amount. That's the limiting factor on how much
hot sauce you can use -- too much will make the
soup unpleasantly acidic.