I went into the kitchen with the idea I'd get some ice water outa the
fridge...I was real thirsty...Mouth dry thristy. Instead I sliced up a
small onion, 1/2 a red bell pepper and 4 or 5 largish mushrooms plus 2
cloves elephant garlic. Put them in a foil package with a pat of butter
salt and pepper plus a drizzle or 2 of maggi sauce. I went outside and lit
the grill and put the foil package on the grill. That's when I remembered I
was thirsty and went back into the kitchen and rubbed granulated garlic,
onion powder, fresh ground black pepper and some chilli powder onto a prime
rib steak. I then went OH ****! and got some water to drink...Isn't getting
older fun. At least I'll eat well.


The house of the burning beet-Alan

A man in line at the bank kept falling over...when he got to a teller he
asked for his balance.