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Thread: I Hit the Powerball last Night!....

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    hammer777123 Guest

    Default I Hit the Powerball last Night!....

    I Hit the Powerball last Night!....

    The other 5 numbers just didn't fall into place

    Here were the actual winning #'s:

    5 - 16 - 22 - 23 - 29 Power number: 6
    (My ticket matched the power number)

    I won $4 by hitting the power number.
    But, my ticket cost me $6....

    So, $2 lost overall.


    Yeah, I bought a ticket. Why? you ask?

    A chance at half a billion!! I'm human and I'm
    a bit of a gambler.

    So a couple of bucks lost.

    We both know the odds are stupid ridiculous to
    hit the jackpot, but I couldn't resist! lol

    How about you? Do you buy tickets regularly?

    It's fun to share and hear the stories of what
    your and your friends and family say they would
    do if they won.

    But, we all know it's just a fantasy that very,
    very, very rarely comes true for anyone.

    Now that we've all had to come back to reality
    since we didn't hit half a billion last night, what
    are you going to do now?

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    financial future?

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    Andy Guest

    Default Re: I Hit the Powerball last Night!....

    hammer777123 <[email protected]> wrote:

    > How about you? Do you buy tickets regularly?

    No. I've written lotto software only to prove that lottos are
    only for people who don't know math.

    The daily three-pick game hasn't picked my mailbox number in
    20 years.

    I wrote PERLotto, a software written in PERL to demonstrate
    that the odds are so far against you! It generates millions
    of games and checks them against a random lotto draw. Runs in
    a few seconds, and it's never won the Powerball.

    Proof positive that there's always a system to make money
    that WILLNOT WORK.

    [To music] You can try, try and try...


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