I went to a farmer's market today and got ginger for good rate. The
boy selling it, added some pieces and I got too much now. I bought
many different kinds of veges - greenbeans (asian type), squash (asian
type), okra (Asian species) - and made an Indian style vegetarian dish
using yellow split peas (chana dal), following a recipe by a friend.
(I would have put some eggplant if I saw any that's Indian type but I
didn't.) I had some grinded ginger in the fridge that I put in an air
tight bottle and it was still with no mold and so I used it in that
dish and the beef curry I made with tomatoes.

Now, I need to make these newly bought ginger not wasted via getting
spoiled - it will be along long time before I use those ginger since
I do not usually make dishes requiring to use ginger. Any
recommendation other than freezing?