I' m told not to buy one favourite vegetable desserts which contain
something that can damage nerves and make people unable to move. It is
called Hexane(110-54-3) or n-Hexane, with which edible oil can be
extracted from various vegetables at little cost. The problems is that
some 'Hexane(110-54-3)' (http://www.weiku.com/chemicals/110-54-3.html)
can be left in oil and it may do harm to people's health.
Is it true? excessive intake or exposure to it can cause many serious
physical problems. First, tingling and cramps at arms and legs; next,
limb muscles get not controlled by brains, numb and weak. As nerves is
commander of human bodies, damaged nerves caused by Hexane pollution
could not be good commander any more. so the central nervous would lose
If the amount of left chemical is within the limit of safe intake, there
would be no serious problems. For this part, strict food safety
inspection is in need.