After a few months of procrastination I finally got around to planning a
trip. We were supposed to go to Estonia to visit my niece and her
family. My wife contacted a friend in Sweden to see if there was any
chance that we could hook up with her. The friend invited to come and
spend a week at their summer house. She is organizing a huge party for
the Midsummer celebration. From what I understand of that celebration,
they stay up all night, get really drunk and watch the sun not go down.

We went to the travel agent today to make arrangements and booked a
flight from Toronto to Tallinn, then to Stockholm and then to Denmark.
Hotels over there are ungodly expensive, but we only have to spend three
nights in a hotel in Copenhagen.I just have to figure out how to get
from Copenhagen to a little town on the west side of the island to visit
my father's grave. Two years ago my brother rented a car (rent a wreck)
to do that and it cost him $300. I figure I can do it by train to the
nearest town and then taxi to the cemetery. It's got to be cheaper.

So after procrastinating for 4 months everything came together and in
3-1/2 weeks I will be sitting in Sweden to see the midnight sun.