I thought it was a nice hat. So I complimented the clerk. (I'm not usually
gregarious, but as I said he did have a nice hat.) So he starts talking
about how he got it 5 years ago at Kohl's and the bling (he didn't say
"bling" but things pinned to the hat. I forget what he called it.) He
said the things pinned to his hat where from a box his sister had. He
sister that had died.

The things you learn when you talk to people... I didn't get a chance to
tell him my mom had passed about 5 years ago, or that all my siblings were
still alive. (I think I may be the first to go.. I dunno-- my sisters are
very overweight and don't exercise. Any of us could go at anytime, TBH.)

I finally got around to making some rice. 3:45 at 70%... I hear it
beeping... Ask not who the microwave beeps for...