(Not to be confused with Katie Stewart, who has also written Pooh cook

Aka Virginia Howell, Mary A. Mapes, Virginia Howell Mussey, Virginia
T.H. Mussey, V. H. Soskin, Virginia Tier Howell, Virginia TH Mussey,
VH Soski, & Gor Yun Leong.

The last address I have for her is Stamford, CT.

"I write because I can't not write. Whatever the distractions,
whatever the alluring pleasure, I always wind up at the typewriter
writing what I want to write. I would need four or five lives to write
all the books partly written, not to mention my love for sculpturing
and gardening which I'd also like to do full time. I'd like to stand
on street corners with a hat and collect all the time other people
don't know what to do with. I don't remember when I began or why. I
wanted always to write and always did. I work 5-6 hours daily without
interruptions from telephones or visits. Friends respect my work time
as they do that of office workers."

Someone, elsewhere, said (regarding the "Pooh Cook Book"): "Then I
shall wish her a Hipy Papy Bthuthdth Thuthda Bthuthdy!"

(includes two pages from "The Pooh Cook Book," plus comments)

(more about the book, plus a brief bio)


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(postage stamp story and collectors album), Harper, 1933.

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(Translator under name Virginia T. H. Mussey)Ruth Zechlin, Bed-time
Fun for Boys and Girls = Beschaefti gungen fur das kranke Kind, Loring
& Mussey, 1934.

(With Y. K. Chu; under pseudonym Gor Yun Leong) Chinatown Inside Out,
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