The Mom Food Project for the week was going to be her ham with pineapple
gravy, so I went to Safeway, where I usually go when I want to buy a lot
of meat. No hams. None. Well, a glazed spiral cut one (one!), and some
ham steaks, and some turkey ham, but um, no.

Went to the Berkeley Bowl, my local grocery with the great meat
department. No hams. Some ham steaks, but otherwise nothing.

No hams! Is it just not the right time of year? the last time I bought a
ham, it was for a holiday, so it was easy to find. Is it hard to find
the rest of the year?

(We're going to end up having pork enchiladas instead. I found a bone-in
pork butt for $4.50 a pound, and I'm pressure-cooking it now -- half of
it will go in the enchiladas, and half will be for sandwiches later in
the week.)

ObRFC: I'll be using this enchilada sauce recipe, posted by Becca in
2002, but with pork stock instead of chicken:

Enchilada Sauce

12 New Mexico dried chiles
1/2 onion, quartered
4 cloves garlic
1 qt boiling chicken broth
1-2 tblsp Masa Harina
salt to taste

Remove stems and seeds from chiles and rinse. Combine chiles, onion,
garlic and boiling chicken broth in a blender and allow to sit for 10
minutes. Puree until smooth. To thicken, and add flavor, I will us a
tablespoon or two of Masa Harina, then salt to taste.

Instead of using a food processor or blender, you can bring the
chicken stock to a boil, add the chiles, onion and garlic, then use the
hand held immersion blender in the pot.