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Thread: Grilling/smoking sausages and tough casing

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    Nunya Bidnits Guest

    Default Re: Grilling/smoking sausages and tough casing

    Michelle <[email protected]> wrote:
    > On Sep 27, 9:01 am, "Nunya Bidnits" <nunyabidn...@eternal-
    > september.invalid> wrote:
    >> Michelle <> wrote:
    >>> On Sep 26, 11:47 am, "Nunya Bidnits" <nunyabidn...@eternal-
    >>> september.invalid> wrote:
    >>>> I'm talking about "skin on" sausages in casing, not loose.

    >>>> I've read that the correct method of preparing cased sausage is to
    >>>> slow smoke and poach. But I constantly see and hear about sausage
    >>>> on the grill. In my experience the casing goes unacceptably tough,
    >>>> virtually inedible, when any kind of serious heat is applied on a
    >>>> grill, or in a saute pan for that matter. Even a venerable local
    >>>> sausage dealer in the Polish community here called Strawberry Hill,
    >>>> whose offerings include sausage made for barbecue, can't seem to
    >>>> produce it with a casing that one can chew up. Natural and
    >>>> not-so-natural casings don't seem to make a diff.

    >>>> What's up? Does anyone know how to grill sausage which has both a
    >>>> satisfying snap when bitten into, and which can be chewed without
    >>>> pulling sinewy casing back out of your mouth?

    >>>> I've gotten so fed up with it that when we do barbecue competitions
    >>>> I just make skinless chubs, par cooked in food wrap and foil to set
    >>>> them to shape, which I then treat on the grill or in the smoker as
    >>>> I would cased sausage. But I miss the snap of biting into a good
    >>>> cased sausage.

    >>>> MartyB
    >>>> [cross posted to afb]

    >>> I have cooked the same sausage you're referring to (though I think
    >>> Strawberry Hill
    >>> is Croatian, not Polish), along with sausages from various other
    >>> local Kansas City
    >>> makers. I haven't noticed that problem at all. Does everyone on your
    >>> team have the
    >>> same problem?

    >>> If you notice it a lot more than others - could it be a teeth
    >>> problem, rather than a
    >>> sausage problem? (Not trying to be rude here - it's a serious
    >>> question.)

    >>> Michelle

    >> It's not a teeth problem. All three of them are fine. ;-)
    >> Where I notice it is when I run cased sausages in the smoker or on
    >> the grill, which I usually run fairly hot. Maybe it's just too hot.
    >> Depending on who I'm talking to, I hear Polish, Croatian, and Slavic
    >> references about Strawberry Hill, but I think you're right.
    >> Have you gotten sausage from Krizmans? I really like their mix, but
    >> their sausage always cooks to a tough skin in a hot smoker. Maybe I
    >> should try some stovetop as Big Jim was talking about to see if it's
    >> the method or the sausage at fault. Krizman's apple and raw polish
    >> sausages are otherwise excellent IMO.
    >> Have you tried Local Pig? I had several of their sausages and the
    >> best thing I can say is "different".
    >> MartyB- Hide quoted text -
    >> - Show quoted text -

    > Might be too hot - I tend to cook sausages over a pretty low heat, so
    > all the yummy fat stays mostly inside.
    > Krizman's sausage is fantastic. Ditto Fritz's and Werner's. We have
    > some from Kurzweil's, but haven't tried it yet.

    I wish Krizman's nicely flavored bbq sausage had a more tender skin but
    maybe I'll try it again, low temp. I also like their Polish. It can be had
    raw if you ask ahead of time so you can smoke it yourself.

    > Haven't made it to Local Pig. It's on my list, though.

    I live about six blocks from Fritz's. ;-) Their andouille is wonderful.

    I've not been to Local Pig but have had their sausage. The flavor profiles
    of the gourmet sausages were a bit, umm, "unusual" for my tastes. I cooked
    some pork butt bought from them at the Lenexa Q contest, scored 15th place
    out of 180 entries. It was definitely top quality pork butt.

    Haven't been to Werner's.


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    monroe, of course Guest

    Default Re: Grilling/smoking sausages and tough casing

    Ed Pawlowski <[email protected]> wrote:

    > Interesting. With rare exception, never had the problem. I only buy
    > natural casing dogs and buy all sorts of sausages. I just put them on
    > a heated grill and let them go. Never bothered with the par cooking
    > either.
    > No one in my house has ever complained.
    > Maybe the way you handle them makes them stiff.

    SNORK!!SPLORT!! Ed hits a 4-dinger!
    Seriously.I've had less casing problems from sheepgut than from piggut.
    Seems thinner,more flexible and is ribbed for HER pleasure.

    monroe(parboiling in beer=alcohol abuse. You'll go to hell for that)

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