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>>> Same here. Fall is always a transition time. But I don't look to
>>> save the few dollars on heat if I have to suffer in a cold dank house.
>>> This time of year the A/C may only run some at mid day and the heat
>>> comes on in the evening and a couple times during the night. The
>>> night temperatures have been in the low 40s high 30s, it makes no
>>> sense to let the house temperature drop into the 50s. I keep my
>>> thermostat set at 70ยบ all year. A little heat is still a whole lot
>>> less money than doctor bills, and illness is no fun.

>> She said when she lived in Vegas: they would run the AC in the day, and the
>> heat at night... (I thought: Madness-- why would any one live there?)

> Like I say, I run whatever I need to maintain comfort.
> Vegas is high desert opposed to palm springs, phoenix, low desert, 4-6
> degrees warmer. If you go up to grand canyon it's really high, gets really
> cold.
> I lived in Barstow, same climate as Vegas. Coldest night, 17 degrees.
> Hottest day 117 degrees. Winter tends o be mild, but it can snow, and the
> wind chill can be horrendous. 70 mph winds at least once every spring.
> Summer, you don't do much during the day outside, average 105 degrees.
> Winter, sunny 60 degrees I absolutely love. You can lay out at the pool.
> Drive up to the mountain to ski, west of Vegas. Mt Charles.for the most
> part Vegas boring to live. I considered it once. I love to visit, but now
> days don't want to fly anywhere. Yes, I often ran the gas wall heater in
> barstow. Who wants to freeze. Rare not to run it.
> Going to 32 here forecast 30 up camp. Hope trailer does not freeze.
> Greg

By the way, this is the week I would normally go to Vegas for a week. I See
it's a bit cooler this year. Normally 80's and beautiful. I used to fly
with 90 lbs of stuff. Can't do that anymore I think.