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    Default Got Berlau? Got Hot Air!

    Excerpted from Philadelphia Doctorate Course, Tape #58

    This tape is from a 1952 lecture series by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of
    Scientology and Dianetics; here, he expounds on the nature, origin,
    and usefulness of calculus:

    "Rate of change is this mathematics known as Calculus. Calculus, it's
    a very interesting thing, is divided into two classes -- there's
    Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus. The Differential Calculus
    is in the first part of the textbook on Calculus, and Integral
    Calculus is in the second part of the textbook on Calculus. As you
    look through the book, you'll find in the early part of the book on
    Calculus, "dx" over "dy", a little "dx", and a little "dy" -- and
    one's above the other on a line -- predominates in the front part of
    the book, but as you get to the end of the book you find these "dx"
    and "dy"s preceded by a summation sign, or are equating to a summation
    sign, and the presence of this shows that we are in the field of
    Integral Calculus.

    Now I hope you understand this, because I've never been able to make
    head nor tail of it. It must be some sort of a Black Magic operation,
    started out by the Luce cult -- some immoral people who are operating
    up in New York City, Rockefeller Plaza -- been thoroughly condemned by
    the whole society. Anyway, their rate-of-change theory -- I've never
    seen any use for that mathematics, by the way -- I love that
    mathematics, because it -- I asked an engineer, one time, who was in
    his 6th year of engineering, if he'd ever used Calculus, and he told
    me yeah, once, once I did, he said. When did you use it? And he said I
    used it once. Let me see, what did you use it on? Oh yeah. Something
    on the rate-of-change of steam particles in boilers. And then we went
    out and tested it and found the answer was wrong. “

    Fast forward to 1997.

    Larry Sarner, an inventor who developed a non-working voting machine,
    is embroiled in litigation with Peter Paul Luce, son of Henry Luce,
    founder of Time and the person referred to by Hubbard.

    Coincidence? Perhaps not.

    Sarner, in addition to being a failed inventor, is also a leading
    figure in pseudoscience and quackery. He has many bizarre ideas about
    things and a unique approach to the scientific method.

    It is not clear if his understanding of calculus comes from L. Ron
    Hubbard or not. It is, however, quite clear that Sarner practices
    propaganda in a manner nearly identical to that used by the Church of
    Scientology against critics, former members, politicians and

    Sarner needed money for his crank scheme. He may have known it did not

    Frustrated by his inability to promote his pseudoscientific ideas, he
    may have sought to take revenge on the son of the person Hubbard
    thought invented calculus. Hubbard, who seems to have been widely
    read, must not have not known about Newton and Leibniz.

    These machines appear to be Sarner’s only invention. He has no other
    patents listed in his name.

    Some time after the Luce debacle, Sarner seems to have joined forces
    with the “Cooler Heads Coalition” of the Competitive Enterprise
    Institute (CEI). The CEI is a front for the oil and tobacco
    industries. One of their most basic ideas is that global warming is a
    fiction (possibly in the same way that Sarner may view calculus as a

    The head of CEI’s Cooler Heads Coalition is Myron Ebell. Ebell has no
    scientific training, and, until recently, he and CEI associate Marlo
    Lewis received six figure retainers from the likes of ExxonMobil.

    Another CEI “expert” is John Berlau.

    Berlau is an expert in hot air, which he produces in great quantity!

    Berlau tried being a journalist. He should have been an inquisitor.
    One person said of Berlau: “He asks a question; he expects an answer”

    If the answer did not come and was not to Berlau’s liking, out came
    the whips, thumbscrews, and hot oil!

    Seriously, Berlau is another expert with no scientific training. He
    believes that DDT is nontoxic and good for the environment. He
    believes that trees pollute more than cars.

    Hot air? He was once asked some basic scientific questions. When asked
    what happens to a gas when heated, he pondered the then opined that it
    became heavier.

    Got Berlau? Got Hot Air Expertise!

    Sarner spends a great deal of time attacking psychological and
    psychiatric therapies; not surprising if you keep in mind that Hubbard
    attempted to establish Dianetics, the forerunner to Scientology, as an
    alternative to psychology and psychiatry.

    Sarner and his wife, Linda Rosa, run a blog about child torture. This
    is nothing if not reprehensible. They should establish an organization
    called “Advocates for Child Torture” (ACT) and invite Dick Cheney,
    Alberto Gonzalez and Lynndie England to be on its board of directors!

    A current contributor to the blog is Charly D. Miller. Miller writes
    “opinion papers” that Sarner refers to as “incisive;” the problem with
    many of these papers is that they are full of copyrighted material.

    Sarner and Rosa also collaborate with Jean Mercer and Monica Pignotti.

    Mercer holds a Ph.D. from Brandeis University, but she has never held
    a license; this means she has never practiced, never seen a patient.
    She operates a blog for Psychology Today.

    When people came to the blog and questioned her lack of experience and
    associations with the likes of Sarner, Ebell, and Berlau, she closed
    the blog to comments. From enlightenment to totalitarianism, in a

    Pignotti is a former Scientologist. She renounced that. Several years
    later, she became a proponent and practitioner of Roger Callahan’s
    equally bizarre Thought Field Therapy and Voice Technology. Now she
    has abandoned those to work with Sarner, Mercer, Rosa, Ebell, and

    Pignotti has also joined in litigation with Andrew Langer. Langer is
    ex-CEI, and currently operates the perversely named Institute for
    Liberty. Langer is an outspoken opponent of free speech!

    Also ex-CEI is Brooke Oberwetter. If Oberwetter’s name seems familiar,
    it is because her father, James Oberwetter, was George Bush’s
    ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

    Brooke is with a shadowy consultancy called DC Signal. It seems they
    may be playing a role in these various propaganda campaigns.


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    Flying Tortoise Guest

    Default Re: Got Berlau? Got Hot Air!

    Got Berlau? Got Hot Air!

    TURBO GALE - not sure why it's hot air and not just air and I don't
    know how I feel about ? as an anagram indicator!

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    Ed Murphy Guest

    Default Re: Got Berlau? Got Hot Air!

    somatic aura wrote:

    [yet another rant against Larry Sarner, whoever he is, snipped]

    Off-topic in all four groups, Followup-To: set accordingly.

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