Tomorrow is the overly commercial, yet sentimental favorite (USA)
"Mother's Day"

The kids first said they'd take me out and wanted me to pick a
restaurant. Hmmmmm... not really in the mood for that after spending a
week eating in restaurants. I'm more than happy everyone will be home
and I can cook for them. It gives me a reason (excuse) to make whatever
I want! After eating my previously mentioned feast at Rick Bayless'
Frontera Grill, I pulled out his book "Mexico, One Plate at a Time"
cookbook and have chosen the meal!
Oldest daughter informed me previous to my recipe selection that she
wants to bring over a black bean and corn salad and a peanut butter pie
she's wanted to make for a while. Okay, I can work with this!

So I'll be first making homemade chorizo (from M,OPaaT, page 26) to go
in to the Queso Fundido con Chorizo y Rajas also in the book. A hot
melted cheese and poblano chiles dish to serve with corn tortillas to
use as dippers.

Ensalada de Jicama, Ananas y Pepino- adapted from his recipe for mango,
pineapple and jicama, dressed with guajillo chile powder and lime juice.

Carne Asada-flank steaks marinated briefly in lime juice, garlic and
salt then grilled. Easy! Served with his (and mine) famous guacamole.

I'm still in the air about making anything special to drink?

I'm psyched about this meal!
Happy Mother's Day Y'all!