Chicken Flautas!

Easy and delicious and so good with fresh guac to dip them in!

To make you'll need:

Flour tortillas
boneless, skinless chicken breasts
chicken stock
small can diced green chiles
pinch ancho chile powder
onion salt or an onion bouillon cube

Sour cream
Fresh Guacamole

Poach the chicken breasts in some stock. Not too much, because once they're cooked
through you'll want to cook down the stock to a thick, syrup-y texture. Add the ancho
and the onion salt/bouillon with the chicken. When it's cooked through, remove from
the stock and let set until cool enough to handle, then shred. Shred with two forks,
while you reduce the stock. Add back to the pan and toss to coat evenly with the
reduced stock. Add the (drained) green chiles if desired. Roll in flour tortillas and
secure with a toothpick. If you're like me, you've used about 5 or 6 chicken breast
halves, so you have alot of tortillas to fill :-)
Once you have all the rolling done, heat about an inch of oil in a skillet large
enough to lay the rolled tortillas in. Cooking 3 at a time, cook all of the flautas
until deep golden, rolling to cook evenly. Drain well on paper towels before serving.