It gives us great pleasure to announce that we are launching a website
dedicated to food, taste and flavor...... . www.flavorwise. com !!!
All we want to do is add some 'flavor' in your life by giving you a
chance to find tasty recipes, allow you to share your own culinary
skills, join a food community to find food buddies, get advice if you
are a novice cook and help others if you are a guru..... And yes, it
all started with our passion for food and cooking!

Today we are making a private BETA launch which means you are the
first few lucky chosen ones to see our efforts materialized and enjoy
the FlavorWise experience. Any comments, issues, concerns from you are
highly appreciated and will help us a lot before we go on to a full
BETA launch.

You can visit the website at: www.flavorwise. com

Here are some of the features we currently have:

1) An online food community where users can contribute their own
recipes and have their own 'Chef Profile'. So just register and start
enjoying this tasty experience
2) A good collection of Indian recipes provided by the FlavorWise team
and other community users that come with some metadata like tags,
cost, time, spice level, difficulty and so on.
3) An all new 'FlavorWise Menu Builder' which allows you to build a
completely customized menu where you can choose the cost, time, spice
level, courses and so on for your menu. FlavorWise will give you a few
ready-made menus and make cooking a breeze for you!
4) An all new 'FlavorWise Grocery List Builder' that will give you the
grocery list of the menus you build. This should save you time while
planning parties or even every week when you go for your grocery

But wait, a lot more is coming up very soon. This is just a private
beta; keep coming back as we are working on growing the recipe
collection day and night. Currently, we will allow only the first 100
users to register and will release in an open BETA soon.

So, do visit the website and share your own favorite recipes. If you
have any feedback, please let us know and help us improve! Your
comments are very valuable and we look forward to hear back from you!

Once again: www.flavorwise. com, an effort to make your life

Happy Cooking!
FlavorWise Team