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The smoke and fire problem, unfortunately, isn't confined to
Spacemaker microwaves. We've heard similar complaints about other GE

Jessica of Lawrenceville NJ (10/3/01):
I want to report that my General Electric Spacemaker Microwave,
ModelJVM140K 004, manufactured in 1993, caught on fire when it was not
in use. The stove was in use at the time. The microwave turned on by
itself, and could not be shut down until it was disconnected by a
fireman. The microwave is unusable, and now the kitchen interior is
ruined, as I am afraid to replace it with another Spacemaker

Scott of Burlington VT (3/28/03):
The microwave blew up! Immediately after pushing the start button an
earth-shattering snap and blinding blue light flooded the kitchen. My
Wife and child were right next to the microwave when this occured and
were incredibly shaken. My daughter cried for 30 minutes following. My
wife is not willing to use another GE product.

Steven of Olathe KS (9/23/03):
A GE Spacemaker Microwave Oven was installed in my Farimont 2000 model
modular house. It failed after 3 years of service on on Sept. 22, 2003
while popping pop corn. It smoked up the house and would have started
a fire if I had not intervened.

Brian of Riverside CA (5/18/03):
GE Spacemaker II. While microwaving some BBQ ribs I previously had in
the freezer, the microwave "smoked" and set off the fire alarm. It had
been heating the food exceptionally slowly. I simply assumed that it
was because the ribs were previously smoked and had a low moisture
content and, thus, weren't heating quickly.

At first there was a plastic smell. My roomate commented, "What are
you cooking? Rubber ribs?" I simply ignored him and continued with my
school work. About five minutes later, the fire alarm went off and I
noticed the microwave was full of smoke. Police and fire departments
responded accordingly. I was informed by university housing that I
would not be fined because the microwave was at fault. However, I am
concerned for a microwave defect because the housing complex I am
currently in has over 120 of these units (8 per building, 15 buildings

Julia of Auburn NY (3/13/03):
Similar to some people who complained, we have a GE microwave which
for no apparent reason "blew up". Our 2000 GE spacemaker (JVM) started
to make a loud popping/grinding noise. We were using it correctly. It
then caught fire and smoked. Again, we had to unplug the microwave
because none of the buttons would turn it off. VERY dangerous.

It has to be replaced or pay $250 to fix it (!) and now I'm not sure
we can fit another micro into the spot we have over our oven/stove. I
do not want another fire hazard in my home, so not sure what to do.

Denise of Upland CA (5/14/02):
I am writing about a microwave that I purchased on 11-02. I started
having a problem with it a few months ago. My daughter put a bag of
popcorn in it and it caught the bag on fire! My house was full of
smoke. She did not use the popcorn cycle. But she put it for 4 mins.
like it said on the bag. I had someone come out to check it out. They
informed that the microwave was fine. So I continued to use it.

One night I put a frozen hot chili in to thaw. I set it for 20
seconds. It went for 10 seconds. It made a loud popping noise and then
a flash of either fire or light went through the microwave. I shut it
down right away. And unplugged it. The chili was still frozen. I
called them again. They said they would send out someone again. I went
to pick up my daughter on that day. he left a note that he came by at
3:20. I was home at 3:10. I called and asked if thay could send him
back? They said they would. and if he couldn't the supervisor would
call. I waited, no one called.

I have this microwave that is still under warranty. And they refuse to
take care of the problem. It will proably burn down my house. They say
it has a built in chip that would stop it from doing this. if that is
true why did it burn the popcorn?
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