I'm thinking about getting my first gas grill. From all the research
and reviews I've been reading, it seems the only gas grill *worth*
buying are the more expensive ones (in most cases) since "you get what
you pay for".

The Weber Genesis seems to garner favorable reviews.

Then there is the Broil King Crown series, which I found 1 decent
review on about.com , comes with a rotisserie. And that's something I
want to do, cook juicy chickens/turkeys/roasts on the grill,
rotisserie style.

Then there is Char-Broil. They seem to get mixed reviews.

$700 for a grill seems a little obscene. But since my wife and I both
work, and have a 1 yr old son, I'd like to come home after work
sometime and fire up the gas grill and get to cooking without waiting
20-30 mins for coals to turn white and end up eating at 7-7:30 instead
of 6:30.

I'm Xposting to both cooking and barbecue groups because I'd think
some of you would own grills and perhaps could chime in.

Thanks in advance