.. . . I don't understand garlic. Love it though. Where a recipe calls for 3
or 4 cloves, I use one half, and then mince than very fine. I then make
more gas than a Standard Oil refinery. And for more than 24 hours. I have
to pack a can of air freshner in my pocket.
.. . . Strangely, I have done Emerille's spinach dish where he infuses peanut
oil (1/4 cup?), in a wok, with about 10 cloves of very thinly sliced garlic.
He withdraws the garlic before it even starts to turn color. He then wilts
the spinach with the remaining oil, and serves this spinach with the garlic
replaced on the top. No problems for me doing this. I only tried this
spinach recipe just to see the gas results. None. Spinach wasn't even
overpowered by the garlic. Darned if I can figure it out.
.. . . . . . .any ideas ?