My veggie garden is finally all planted, and just in time as heavy
thunderstorms are forcast for tomorrow.
Lets see if I can remember it all...
Cukes, long green and kirbys
Tomatoes, four kinds; beefsteak, roma, cherry, big boy
Lettuce; about six kinds including orientals
Cabbage; green, red, bok choy
Peppers; 2X bell, jalapeno
Eggplant, long Japanese style/ichiban
Summer squash; zukes and yellow crook neck
Winter squash; acorn and butternut
Green beans
Sugar peas
Snow peas
Florence Fennel
My blueberries are doing well
I'm sure I forgot some.

I've been busy mowing, of course.

And I planted two Colorado spruce...

Fat Albert:

Yes, there really is a "Fat Albert" Colorado spruce.

I have quite a few special plants from Iseli.

Those spruce don't look very big but each weighed well over 100
pounds... and I dug some huge holes... I had aches in places I didn't
know I have places.

Sheldon Greenthumb