Q1: How long can a store-bought wheat bread be kept in the fridge w/o
affecting the nutrient content?

Does freezing cooked food (especially of non-meat) reduce the nutrient
content? I have only frozen raw meat, frozen dinner or pizza, and
sometimes, boiled chickpeas or yellow split peas I use to make some

It doesn't look like I will get to using newly bought wheat breads - 2
loafs, total 3 lbs - soon. How long can I keep them in the fridge
unopened? Should I freeze them? I guess freezing won't change the
quality of carbohydrate content, right? Or should I just eat wheat
bread in all meals instead of freezing? The other starch I have are

- more than half a loaf of Oro Wheat wheat bread
- Roti (3 piece left)
- Santa Rosa wheat Tortilla (almost the whole pkg left)
- Corn tortilla (almost the whole pkg left)
- Fresh French bread (not wheat) which I eventually put in the fridge
(probably should make crouton out of it)
- I have egg noodle - 1/4 of the pkg left, which is already boiled -
that I must soon soon aside from left over fried egg noodle
- Basmatic rice which I avoid eating because it is white, but I made
beef curry last night and , I can't avoid completely because they just
go together too well; Last night, I also made a vegetarian dish with
yellow split peas, Indian eggplants, and okra that would go with rice.
(Indian curries seems to preserve food better in the fridge)

Q2: As you can see, unless I only eat wheat bread, my wheat breads are
not getting get used up any time soon; I would hate to freeze but if I
do, I want to know whether the affect of freezing on the nutrient
content. Also, can I wait some times before freezing in case I get to
using those? Or should I freeze now?