When I fired up my desktop computer (with dialup) recently, I was sad
receive the following message. I'm not sure of the etiquette in
forwarding to the group, but since she says to say hello for her, here

"My dear Henry passed away on February 7. Three days later I had a
heart attack, then had a second one while in the hospital. I spent
months there and have been staying with my daughter since then. I
very limit4d access to her computer so haven't spent any time chatting
with rfc friends. Right now I don't know when that will be-I'd like
give my daughter and family back their usual life but my home isn't a
smart place for me to be alone and I can't bring myself to be
enthusiastic about one of those independent/assisted living kinds of
places. I know, however, that everything will work itself out for the

I miss everyone. Please say hello for me.