The Second Epistle General of Peter
Chapter 4

1 A meal cooked with passion and love is always good.

2 You can take the simplist of meals/dishes, and make it great with a bit of

3 Case in point, last nights dinner was Red Wine beef casserole, with
roasted garlic mash (because the two are a match made in heaven!!), minted
peas with lightly steamed red capsicum dice in them, and some lightly
steamed (drumhead) cabbage chunks..... and some broccoli.

4 It scored me a 9&1/2 out of 10 :-)

5 Why?? Because I took care (and passion) with the flavours, and how the
veges were prepared and how long they were cooked for.

6 If you *care* about what you cook, all your meals will be good.

7 Peter Lucas

We are so blessed.