So at the corner bar where I hang out one of the bartenders is moving away.
This guy is a real DRIP, and he's done really creepy stuff, e.g. sleeping
with guy's - and gal's! - girlfriends and then bragging about it, trying to
snitch on fellow employees, etc... Plus which he has no personality and
thus no following, the kind of person that you encounter and wonder, "WHY
are they a bartender (or whatever...)...!!!???".. He's the type that makes
you tired just looking at him...there he sits at the end of the bar
engrossed in his crossword while the handful of his patrons on his shift
yawn and stare off into space...

IOW, "good riddance!" to this loser (literally, at the age of 40 he is
moving back in with mommy and daddy...)...

I was told that tomorrow there is a going - away cookout for him, to which
news I made a face, and said, "WHY would I want to be there...". To which
my friend (she is doing the cooking), said, "Hey, look at it this way, we'll
make it a celebration for US in that we won't have to put up with his snarky
ass anymore. We'll be celebrating our friendships and camaraderie with
each other, and also the fact that we WON'T have to put up with his lameness
anymore... And he's so DUMB that he won't even realize *why* we are so
happy...he'll think it's all about him..".

So today I'm merrily making a buch of food - tater salad, coleslaw, baked
beans, etc. - for the cookout...everyone that doesn't like the d00d is
making food to bring, too...

Him leaving is a GREAT excuse for a party...

The moral of the story: Look on the BRIGHT side, kids...turn matters around
to YOUR and BE HAPPY...!!!