I know it's basically shredded sharp cheddar, chopped jarred pimentos (I
think jarred roasted red peppers might be better), maybe some Velveeta*,
and mayo. But what else does it need? A little mustard powder, or
grated onion, or L&P Worcestershire, or cayenne, a pinch of sugar...

DD has decided at the last minute that she wants a high school
graduation party after all. We're gonna have the barbecue catered (if
it's not too late to order it) but I'm trying to pull together some
backup plans in case we run out. Ten pounds of cheese spread and a
whole roast turkey (chopped) and rolls will feed a lot of people, and it
will also freeze OK if nobody shows up.

I mentioned Jill and George because pimento cheese is mostly a Southern
thang. But it's good enough for Augusta...

*I think 2 pounds of Velveeta with 5 pounds of sharp cheddar would be a
good ratio. Seriously. But I could be badly mistaken.