Yesterday I made a stoup - sort of a green chile pork thing.
I make this frequently when I don't really want to "cook" and
I have lots of country style ribs in the freezer. (I love pork
so I stock up on them when they're on sale. They're about the
cheapest meat you can buy when they're on sale - recently $1.49
per pound. Ah, I miss the old days, a few years ago the sale
price was always $.99 per pound.)

Anyhoo, I brown the "ribs" in the oven and then chop the meat
into small cubes. I put the meat and all the juices, scraping
every bit of pork "stuff" out of the pan, into the slow-cooker.

Then I add mostly canned stuff - 2 cans of corn with liquid,
3 cans fire-roasted diced tomatoes, 2 cans rinsed black beans,
2 cans diced green chiles. This time I put in 2 red bell peppers,
diced (they were on sale). Sometimes I put in potatoes (of late
I've taken to using canned diced potatoes) but I didn't this time.
I added onion and some garlic powder (I forgot to buy fresh garlic).
I put in a few bay leaves, oregano, and Penzey's chili powder, ground
ancho chile powder, and some ground chipotle chile powder. (I just
throw in stuff at random from the spice shelf, whatever strikes my
fancy at the time. ;-) ) Add enough water to loosen it up just
enough to simmer nicely. I think that was all.

Cook for several hours on high in the slow cooker. Serve with
large slice of Bread Works Tuscan bread (a rustic-style round


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