I had bought a whole Rump a couple of weeks ago and in the process of slicing
it into 6 'dinosaur steaks' (a whole slab, about 2" thick) I ended up with a
piece that wasn't worth slicing, so cut it into two smallish roasts.

So last night we had oven roasted Rump.

As the SO is still recovering from a bad cold, and wasn't feeling the best,
she wanted the meat 'grayed'....... and not our usual medium rare with some
red stuff still in there and still oozing a bit of blood.

So I dragged my (now) trusty cooking thermometer out, stuck it in, set it for
Medium (71C - 159F) and went and sat down and started watching
"Terminator - Salvation" and having a glass of red.

This is the thermometer....... and damn!! it works well!!


I'll never go back to cooking by weight/time again!!

At the same time I put some potatos and peeled parsnips in a pan and chucked
them in the top part of the oven.

I had also rubbed the room temperature meat with a 'House of Winston'
horseradish, mustard and rosemary marinade/sauce.

This is one of the lumps o' rump after cooking.........


Here it is sliced, still moist and *very* tender.......


I made a dianne-y type sauce to go with the meat, and added all the pan
juices to it after resting the meat, so the sauce ended up as a dianne-y
horseradish, mustardy type sauce/gravy. All I know is it was *damn* tasty!!

Blanched some frozen (SHOCK HORROR!!!) veges in boiling water, and


Peter Lucas

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