I made No-Fry Chicken Rellenos last night as follows.

I marinated some chicken breasts in the fridge for about an hour in
margarita and lime juice with some dry fiesta mix stuff added.

I roasted and peeled 4 poblano peppers.

Chicken was butterflied and broiled about 4 minutes per side. I stuck some
baby bella mushrooms, a couple small onion quarters, and seeded jalapenos in
with them. Then I chopped up all of it.

For the filling I mixed a package of cream cheese with sour cream, the
chicken, mushrooms, onion, and jalapenos, chopped green chiles, chopped
roast red pepper, two chipotles with some adobo sauce, recaito, cumin, salt,
pepper, and Mexican oregano.

Split the peppers, filled and closed them, and baked at 350 until just
heated through. Topped them with a blend of Mexican cheeses and returned to
oven until cheese melted. Then I topped them with roasted tomato salsa,
recaito, and crema.