For many reasons we missed having a corned beef dinner on St. Patrick's
Day, although I had two briskets in the freezer.

Tonight it's corned beef with red potatoes, carrots, cabbage, rutabaga,
parsnips, and onions. I pretty much followed the Bon Appetit recipe with
Guinness, but my own varitions on spice blends.

The corned beef is done, and the nut that I am, I cook each vegetable
individually so that they're all at exactly the texture I prefer. It
smells heavenly, and I can't wait to dig in as soon as the last of it is

David will eat the vegetables but not the corned beef. His pholosphy...if
the meat is pink it must still be raw, in spite of the fact that it
simmered for ~3 hours! How crazy is that? He'll be having hot dogs. :-)
They're pink inside. Makes no sense to me. :-)

Wayne Boatwright
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