Well, a couple of months ago I bought a jar of dulce de leche
at my local gourmet grocery, McGinnis Sisters. I had seen an
article in the food section of the paper about a local couple
who came from Argentina who make real, authentic dulce de leche.
They sell it at a few local stores. So I splurged and bought a
jar ($8.50). Didn't get around to trying it until this weekend.

So, I was thinking how best to use it. I thought of the alfajores
(a Peruvian cookie filled with dulce de leche) which I had had
at a local Peruvian restaurant and decided to make "fake" alfajores.
I went to the supermarket and look over all the cookies. At first
I was thinking of using Lorna Doones but they seem a tad expensive
to me. And then I saw the Keebler Sandies cashew shortbread. That
sounded yummy so I decided to take a chance on them.

Instead of making little sandwiches with the cookies and dulce
de leche filling I just spread some on each cookie as I eat it.
Yum, yum, yum. They are wonderful. If I have any dulce de leche
left after the cookies are gone I may just have it over ice cream.

Kate Connally
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