Denny's: Tour of America menu.

TV commercials for Denny's Tour of America are getting lots of play here.

Some odd dishes clearly not for health conscious eaters.

The Philly cheesesteak omelette piqued my curiosity. Of course than had
to Dennyfy it to be different using unusual ingredients. Looks like pig

I spent some time on their website reading up on the dishes. Then
studying the nutritional values.
All high fat, sodium, cholesterol, etc.

Easily the worst offender:
The Midwestern Meat & Potato Sandwich. A 20oz. serving. Sodium: 2920mg!

Folks in the midwest should be offended!!!

As am I over the cheesesteak omelette. Drop "Philly" from the name.

I envision the menu to be a big flop.