He says if I'm going to refer to him as Huffy, I must refer to myself as
Always. ("I knew when we met I'd found Miss Right. I didn't know your
first name was Always." He is such a card, that Rob is.)

From my website, here's what's about food. No pics yet -- my card
reader is in my yet-to-be-delivered suitcase and I'm getting a titch
impatient about, it, too. Pretty soon, they gonna start calling ME

The breakfast buffet in the hotel was nice * a fairly typical European
hotel breakfast spread and the ham was good, the homemade yogurt just
right, and the coffee rich and dark. And the milk for the coffee was
plentiful. :-)

From Chenonceau we drove to a small winery for a wine tasting. I'm not
especially fond of red wine but we were served a pinot noir that was
very good and inexpensive enough, only 7 euro 30 cents for a bottle.
There was also a white that was a blend of chardonnay and, I believe,
gamay. We bought a bottle of each to take home. I even enjoyed the red

From the winery we continued to nearby Chitenay for a lovely lunch in an
inn. Jan, our guide, had been talking to us about French dining customs
and menus, the main meal is taken at noon; that an entree equates to
what Americans know as the appetizer course and is followed by the main
course. I had forgotten all that when we sat at table and when small
puff-paste-based delicacies were brought out, followed by salmon with a
sour cream-chive sauce and a small lettuce salad, I was thinking, "What
a lovely lunch ‹ it will be just right!" Mike The Tour Director was
sitting next to me and he made a remark about more to come, as Jan had
spoken of. I guess I just didn't believe him. Well, the main course
came, a chicken drum and thigh portion accompanied by a wedge of
potatoes dacquois, a baked tomato half, and some canned haricots verts.
It was all very good. Dessert was tarte tatin but we first thought the
apples were pears, then apricots, and then peaches before it was sworn
to me that they were apples. It was very nice.

On the way we stopped at another truck stop complex and enjoyed café au
lait and some Paul's pastry. I had an apricot tart that was tasty ‹ it
tasted like apricots! And I have a macaron awaiting my pleasure, perhaps
a little later. I can't eat it until I take a picture of it. (Other
tour members are beginning to remark about my food pics. They are such
-Barb, Mother Superior, HOSSSPoJ
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