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Thread: dammit

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    "Tommy Joe" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]...

    I love being alive but I hate the chores of
    life - brushing of teeth, combing of hair, showering of body, running
    errands, the whole shebang.

    You don't like shebang? You are gay? Glad you are comfortable enough to
    come out in a public forum with it. *hug*

    PS I don't mind brushing my teeth. I feel clean after. Have a hard time
    flossing though. Not a fan of showering either. Though for an hour feel
    better... My favorite part of cooking is washing vegetables, getting them

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    Somebody Guest

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    "Tommy Joe" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]...

    Dude, I've lived lower on the pole than anyone I've ever met and
    I've done it most of my life. Someone gave me this computer 15 years
    ago. I'm saying you still own things and you're still alive and
    eating, so right now maybe being unemployed is a blessing - surely
    being able to bitch about it is a luxury - and maybe you should start
    looking at it that way instead of falsely griping about not being
    employed. If one is not employed and able to live, they're wealthier
    than most. And above all, no matter how much money a person makes, if
    they have to work they are not rich, not ever.



    One day at a time. I'm trying to enjoy my early "retirement" until the
    money runs out... catch up on John Huston movies, Girls s1, etc. Chase
    squirrels away from my tomatoes. Throw rocks at the raccoon. Bike over to
    the Kroger once in a while to get bread and spinach, and some bananas.

    I better go sit on the porch and shake my cane at the neighbor kids. I
    think I hear them on my lawn.

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    Somebody Guest

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    "Tommy Joe" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]..
    On Sep 26, 11:56 pm, "Space Baby" <> wrote:

    > Space Baby's gotta learn somehow. Is not asking questions one way?

    I communicate with Somebody often but am not ashamed to say that
    he is blatantly nuts...

    what is your diagnosis?

    On par with: Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan, Chris Elliott, David Letterman,
    Louis Sekely, Bob Saget, Regis Philbin, Tommy Joseph, David Carridine?

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