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Thread: Corn sprout bread

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    Jim Elbrecht Guest

    Default Corn sprout bread

    Since we're all so enamored of sprouts here on rfc this week. . . <g>

    For the record- I don't think I'd buy sprouts, but I grow my own &
    like them on occasion.

    I just made my first loaf of essene - essentially ground wheat sprouts
    [I added sesame and pumpkin seeds] formed into a loaf and more
    dehydrated than baked. I did 200F for 5 hours-- 170' for 7-8 would
    probably be more traditional, from what I read.

    It is actually pretty good, and I'll be doing it again. but I've
    got a batch of corn sprouts going, and think it would be pretty good,
    too. I can't seem to find any reference to anyone doing that
    before, and I'm wondering why.

    Corn is an especially sweet sprout- anybody eat corn sprouts or make
    'essene' from them?


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    George M. Middius Guest

    Default Re: Corn sprout bread

    Jim Elbrecht wrote:

    > Since we're all so enamored of sprouts here on rfc this week. . . <g>

    How dare you. We haven't had a ruling on sprouts from Queen Mary.
    Now hush up until she delivers her judgment.

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