Last night I tried the Cook's Illustrated "Sear and Bake Low" technique for
sirloin. Since all meat cuts seem to respond slightly differently to this I
thought I'd report.

I roasted a chunk of sirloin from short end weighing 2.5 lb, about 3" in
diameter. I always ask for the short end of the sirloin. It is slightly more
tender, and has a better taste. As well the "steak" is shorter, less than
12". I trimmed all the fat off, down to the meat.. I used the trimmed fat to
sear the steak on all sides at a high temp. and as quickly as possible. The
steak was then put to rest for a couple of hours to bring everything back to
room temp. I'm thinking this may contribute to an edge to edge rare steak.
The steak, covered with strips of fat went onto a rack at 225F for an hour
and a half, until the temp. was 115F. The oven was turned down to warm and
45 minutes later the temp was 125F. After 15 minutes rest we sliced it into
half inch slices and chowed down. I was interested in seeing if the same
technique with the eye of round in my preceding post would yield the same
result. It pretty much does. It seems to be an excellent way to get a thick
piece of meat seared on the outside and rare-medium-rare throughout. When I
have done this cut in the past it's easy to end up with something that's
basically raw in the middle. Next, on to "sous vide" with the same cut.