OK, as a followup to my question about using brie cheese, I'm going to
use some puff pastry shells. I have on hand some shells, but I'm not
exactly sure how to go about baking them.

Do I put the frozen 'shells' in the oven or do I wait for them to thaw?
The directions on the Pepperidge Farm box don't mention anything about
that! I assume they're to be put in the oven in the frozen state, but
I'm not sure ;/

Another mention on the box directions is "Do not bake in microwave or
toaster oven." Since I typically cook for "pour moi," I am not going to
turn on my range oven -- doesn't make sense for two wee, itty-itty puff
pastry shells, so I'll use my (largish) toaster oven anywhoo (nyeh!).

Sky, who's experimenting again

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