Wushu is the history of the Chinese nation in the long-term evolution
of the process of continuous creation and gradually formed a sport.
In the primitive society, animal and few people and the natural
environment is very bad, "of natural selection and survival of the
fittest" grim struggle, the people naturally had a kicking, punching
means grasping palm strike, jumping and rolling a junior offensive and
defensive category means. Then gradually learned how to manufacture
and use of stone or wooden tools as weapons, and produced some fitness
equipment and the use of the fight against hunting skills, and this is
the seeds of martial arts.
From the existing archaeological discoveries, we can see that in the
Paleolithic, there has been a sharp-shaped stone, stone ball, stone
hand axe, bone Kok processing spear, and by the end of the Neolithic
Age, there were a large number of stone axes and Stone spade, stone
knives and bone of Harpoon, Jianzu, and even copper axe, such as
copper ax. These primitive tools and weapons, but most of the
predecessor of a martial arts equipment.
The end of primitive society, tribal wars have occurred frequently,
and further promote the development of the martial arts. In the tribal
war, far used arrows, throwing for the past used sticks, Daofu,
spears, fighting all can be used to catch any flying production tools
have become combatants weapons. According to historical records
recorded during the three Miao Yu many tribal rebels, the Zhengfa
repeatedly failed to shoot them down. Later, Yu stop attacks, and to
shield soldiers Chifu to drilling, three tribal Miao people see the
"1000 Qi Dance" to show strong force, the three tribes from seedlings
succumbed. This is a grand primitive society of martial arts self-
defense drills. The ancient "Wuwu" Wushu later laid the foundation for
the formation.
Research on the fundamental basis for martial arts. In the long
historical process, the different periods of martial arts concept of
the different expression, it is the connotation and extension of the
historical development of the community itself and the development of
martial arts development and change.
From a historical perspective, there are many vested in the name of
martial arts category, at the Spring and Autumn "combative" a soldier
skills); Han emergence of the "skills", and by extension to the end of
Ming Dynasty: Qing Dynasty and Southern Dynasties borrowed " Selected
Works, "" Yan closed Martial Arts "(then refers to the military),"
martial arts "; said in the" Martial Arts ": After the founding of new
China was still" martial arts ".
With the history of changes in the gradual demise of cold weapons,
martial arts equipment for the production and movement of the large
number of armed boxing there, confrontational, Wushu race rules,
develop, martial arts has evolved into one of the sport. Wushu sport
of its content, form and training methods have undergone great
changes, reflecting the concept of things essential attribute is also
changing. Development Today, Wulin basic definition can be summarized
as: Wushu is combative as the main content, and to catch bucket
Routine forms of exercise on Nawaijianxiu traditional Chinese sports.
From this starting to understand the definition of martial arts.
First, the traditional Chinese martial arts are combative with. It is
kicking, beating, throw, take. Instead, gill movements, such as
combative as the main content, or through the help of fitness
equipment, physical sport performance of the offensive and defensive
fighting capacity. Whether the catch bucket is confrontational
campaign, or potential movement of potential complementary movement,
has been China's traditional method of attack the core technology of
chess. On human social life, combative it is impossible for China
unique in the world. Comparison of the rest of the world in the art of
attack and defense, martial arts, not only in a more combative
approach rich (such as fast wrestling, grappling law, etc.). Movement
in the form of both routines, while others are scattered in hand, the
combination of both, is separated, this model also迥然different from the
rest of the world of combative. In the drill-oriented methods
Nawaijianxiu, exercise style ask God-compassionate, all reflect the
traditional Chinese art of attack and defense characteristics of the
Secondly, the martial arts is sports, it clearly distinguishes it from
the practical people injured and maimed combative techniques. Routine
movement despite contains rich combative approach, but its purpose is
to drill through to the physical and businessmen offensive and
defensive capacity, ability and skills contest, the technical
requirements and practical techniques to a certain extent of the
difference between the movement Sanshou technology is of course much
closer to the South practical skills, but because of the competition
rules, also has its limitations in the sports movement within the
technology. In short in a nutshell, martial arts sports properties
with a clear, and sports is the main social philosophy and martial
arts, medicine, ethics, military studies, aesthetic, Qigong and other
traditional culture of thinking and cultural values, focus on
Nawaijianxiu, such as whole concept, the concept of yin and yang
changes, the shape of God, gas theory, movement, said rigid flexible,
and so on, and gradually formed a unique national style of martial
arts and cultural system. It has rich connotations and suggest a deep,
we have the human sports physical fitness a common feature, but also
has the unique oriental civilization philosophical, scientific and
artistic, more concentrated expression of the Chinese people in sports
wisdom in the field of crystallization. It reflects one aspect of the
cultural splendor of the Orient. Therefore, in a broad sense,
understanding, Wushu is not only a sport, and is a national sports and
the Chinese people's long-term accumulated to a valuable cultural