At TammyM's request:

Cheesecake Pie

This is a family recipe for what we call "Cheesecake Pie." I'm sure you
have seen variations of this. My sister makes it every year for
Christmas and upon request for other gatherings. Anyway, my grandfather
was diabetic and this recipe was used, but we made a pie just for him
with saccharin.

I'm doing low-fat and low-cal these days. I'll post the recipe as it
appears normally and bracket my changes. I found that Splenda was a very
good substitute for sugar. I did do a fifty-fifty blend of sugar and
Splenda for the filling -- but realized that real sugar wouldn't have
mattered to the texture, so a full 100% Splenda would probably work
well. You could top the pie with fresh fruit to cut any strange taste
the Splenda might put off, but I've never noticed it -- even in my coffee.

I did use the standard graham cracker crust recipe, with butter (don't
want a BAD crust) and Splenda, as well as low-fat Cinnamon Graham
Crackers. My sister keeps it simple and uses the regular pre-made 9"
crusts. Bob thinks a nut-based crust would be good with this as well.

The pie set up beautifully! Make sure to serve it only after it has
fully chilled. If you want something that tastes sinfully rich, this is
one non-guilty pleasure! If I could figure out the crust without so much
butter, I would definitely be in hog heaven.

I'd do the nutritional analysis, but I know this can vary depending upon
how you follow the recipe.

[Beginning notes from my sister] This recipe is for one pie....preheat
oven to 350. I used to make my own pie crusts but now I go the easy
route. I get a premade graham cracker crust, but I brush it with melted
butter and bake it for 5 minutes before I fill it. It helps to make it
less crumbly and it gives it a more homemade taste. Be sure to get the
9 oz pie crust. Okay, here goes! [End of notes from sister]

12 oz cream cheese
[I used 8 oz. fat free and 4 oz. 1/3 Less fat -- it's what I had on
2 eggs
[Egg substitute]
1/2 cup sugar
[1/4 c. Splenda, 1/4 c. sugar]
1 teaspoon vanilla
[I used a bit more than that. Love vanilla in this pie]
1/4 fresh squeezed lemon juice
[I used a little bit more lemon than this]

Cream the cream cheese in a bowl. Add eggs and beat.
Add sugar, vanilla, and lemon. Beat until smooth. Pour into crust.

Bake for 20 minutes or until just barely firm with a slight jiggle. Cool
for 5 minutes.

Add sour cream topping and bake for 10 minutes.

When pie is cool, put it in the refrigerator to chill. Don't put the pie
in the fridge if it is even a little warm because it will sweat and the
crust will get soggy.

Here is the recipe for the Sour Cream topping:

8oz of sour cream
[Fat free sour cream]
3 Tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla

Mix together and spread on top of cheesecake and cook for 10 minutes.

Let cool fully before refrigerating.