Pros: Works with the trusted Champion Juicer

Cons: Overheats, rusts, requires complete disassembly after each use

The Bottom Line: Try another brand, this one missed the mark

I bought this mill to make rice flour because rice flour is pretty expensive
for what you get. The mill does make fine grained rice flour, but after
making about 1-2 cups, both the motor and mill get so hot that you have to
shut it down for a few hours. But that's not all. Looking inside the mill
vent, I noticed that rice dust was sticking in a film all over the inside if
the unit, which is held together by screws. After using it only 4 times, I
thought I'd better open it and see what's going on in there. What I found
shocked me -- the rice was caked onto the unit in a gummy layer, and
underneath the gummy layer the aluminum was rusting (rough to the touch and
blackened), because of the moisture in the gummy layer.

I contacted Plastaket in California, who make the unit and the juicer, and
they replied that "If the inside is gummy that indicates that the rice had
moisture content. You will have to be sure that there is no moisture in the
rice or it will gum up. You can clean it with a wire brush."

The rice I used was rock-hard, dry rice, several years old. All grains have
a certain moisture content, normally 8-14%. That's enough to create a little
steam when heating through grinding. They simply made this cheap mill from
the wrong corrosion-prone metal, that's all. If they'd used stainless steel,
the unit would be a winner.

The manual says to only to open it to clean it out "should you desire to
clean the inside of the unit", but my experience is that the unit must be
disassembled (6 screws with a screwdriver) every time it is used.

Therefore the unit is totally unsuitable for the job, and nobody should buy
it. Two thumbs down.