I'm beginning to think you can.
Today was a mixer for the San Diego food bloggers hosted by Will at
Eclipse Chocolat. http://www.eclipsechocolat.com/

We were treated to our choice of tasting sampler plates.
This one is the Artisan caramel and cheese platter. Four cheeses,
candied mango, sugared torta and chile burnt caramel sauce.

Chocolate olive oil fondue and fruit platter

Seasonal dessert tasting platter
Frozen chocolate-mixed berry merlot mousse, grilled white chocolate
carrot gateau, dark chocolate croissant bread pudding with creme
anglaise sauce, white chocolate-chamomile lemon bar.

Stan had a roast beef and swiss cheese pannini. We also had lavender
vanilla bean lemonade.

I had the goat cheese, chocolate, fig pannini.

We were given samples of the Cacao Azteca which is caramel chocolate
ganache infused with hot chiles and dusted with sweet chili powder.
and samples of a sage scented dark chocolate embedded with blackberry

I want to go back and eat each one again, separately so I can really
appreciate the different flavors. I just had too much at once.
Not that I'm complaining.

It was so much fun to meet other San Diego bloggers. A great group of
people. It was so funny, everyone brought out their cameras when the
food came out. I wasn't the only one for a change. ;-)


updated 4/20
"There is no love more sincere than the love of food"
George Bernard Shaw