After all the discussion about the disappointment in the change to
Campbell's Tomato Soup and their cream soups in general, I discovered
something while shopping yesterday.

At least 15 or more years ago Campbell's introduced a Tomato Bisque that I
liked even better than their regular tomato soup because it has nice little
bits of tomato in it. Whether you made it with water, milk, or cream, it
was very good.

Over the past several years I haven't fouynd it on the shelf in the stores,
so assumed they had discontinued it. Perhaps they actually did for a

Yesterday, I found it again at Safeway. I'm having it for lunch as I write
this, and out of the can it is the same nice thick concentrate with the
same flavor that the regular tomato soup used to be.

So...if you're interestd and wouldn't mind the bits of tomato, you might
want to give this a try.

Wayne Boatwright
Monday, 05(V)/12(XII)/08(MMVIII)
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