simple but they go good together, especially with some cheese. That is what
I opted for... Been wanting some from the Great Wok but Chinese is so
salty. I wake up with a headache the next morning. Salty food does that to
me now, even if I drink a bunch of water. Have to take an ibuprofen in the
morning and I try to avoid pharmeticals... I can't eat soup anymore, not
the canned. Canned has an insane amount of sodium.

I think I finally figured out how to make rice. The key seems to be to not
overcook it. Then it's fluffy and has more flavour... I think I was
overcooking it eventhough I was using less time than the box said. 3:45 at
50% and then let sit and soak. The ex was aghast that I ate brown
microwaved rice, but steaming takes so long. I gave her the bag of basmati
from the Himalayas and the rice cooker.