This morning whilst passing through Mole Creek (Tasmania), we decided
to stop for breakfast.

I had ice cream and whiskey... Well, that was part of the ingredients
at least for bread and butter pudding with whiskey and ice cream
topped with fresh raspberries. It was delicious, too bad it'd be too
much work to whip up for brekkie at home (apart for special occasions
I suppose).

The main reason for the trip was to check out some heritage varieties
of apples growing at Wychwood -
Nik and Steve from were also
there with a wide range of apple varieties to sample and are *the*
guys to speak to about heritage apples. I have a few of their cider
and cooking varieties in the orchard, and plan to add a few more this
year. Lunch was a 'hotdog' consisting of a Kransky, mustard and
pickles in a sourdough bun.

Took the scenic route home, avoiding the main roads and highways back
to the east coast. All in all, a nice day. I've uploaded some pics
take at Wychwood here for anyone interested: