Breakfast at a diner this morning.

Took my car in for state inspection. Turns out the car needed some work
to pass. So with a three hour "while I wait" turn-around I walked around
a bit and on the corner was a diner that I've seen but never ate at. So I
stepped inside and sat down. Not really a classic diner, no counter
seating, no table juke boxes or classic diner styling and a very un-diner
like short menu to choose from.

So anyway, Mary Ann waits on me. I ordered two scrambled eggs with hash
browns and white toast. She smiles and disappears. Almost but not quite
as soon as I put my napkin in my lap, she reappears with my breakfast.
They must prepare things up buffet style in the kitchen and dish it up
that way. The delay probably amounted to making the toast.

The food was ordinary.

So, after, I found a little antique park bench on the sidewalk and sat
there watching the world race by under beautiful blue sky for a couple
hours. It's been awhile since I noticed the noise of the city. Quite

Finally drove off in my repaired VW and it was a gosh darn new car! It
was much quieter and less jarring to drive. A factory mistake from 1998.
I just figured it was designed to be loud and rough (there's a sex joke
in there somewhere. I called them back and gave thanks to everybody

Would I go back to the diner? Maybe next time I need car repairs.