I just realized in the 7 months, 16 days, 3 hours, 12 minutes, and 33
seconds I lived in Boston. I never had Boston Crème pie, nor did I see
one... They did have great potato latkes and great eggplant parmesan subs
though... I miss those.

I got one eggplant growing in the garden. I staked it this year. Last year
I had two, but they were on the ground and when I picked them a worm had
gotten in each... I'm hoping it being staked that will not happen again. I
checked the other day and it looked good.

Maybe I will attempt to recreate a Boston eggplant parmesan sub... I think
the key was they sliced it really thin. But I don't have a slicer, so might
be a problem.. I guess I will try to shave it with a knife... I have
virgin and extra virgin olive oil. And fresh garlic. So maybe I can do it?