Neither we nor any of our more frequent guests often want a
liqueur after dinner, preferring beer, wine, or brandy; but I like to
keep a few for the rare occasions: Grand Marnier, mostly.

Recently I happened to notice that straight Benedictine was the
same price as the official B&B blend; so I thought I'd try a little
blending on my own.

The first taste of pure quill was terrible : as if I had half a
mouthful of coarse dried herbs (more than they put in gin!) along with
some exaggerated sweetener.

I tried 3:1, brandy to Benedictine; that was better, but still
bad. So I tried 6:1 -- well-ll-ll ...

Does anyone have a favorite proportion? Do some brandies work
better than others? How about fruit brandies? Calvados? Kirschwasser?

Is there any use at all for straight Benedictine??

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