My Waring Pro Belgian waffle maker comes with some recipes, but I'm
hesitant to try them per the following: warm milk to 95 - 105 degrees

So.... do I just put the milk in the microwave or warm it on the
stove? And Does the temperature have to be exactly in this range? I've
never warmed milk before! :-O

Right now I'm using a BHG recipe where you basically mix pretty much
the same ingredients as the Waring Pro recipe: eggs, milk, flour,
yeast, and there's nothing about letting it sit an hour. You just put
it right in the fridge.

I have to make my mixes at night since there's no time in the morning
before work (and baby). Some of the Waring Pro recipes call for
letting the yeast/warm milk mixture sit an hour or so, presumably to
let it rise a little I guess or something. Then add the eggs after. Is
it OK to make these recipes the night before even though they are not
"night" recipes? The reason I ask is because they have a specific
overnight waffle mix, which I think you add the eggs in to the batter
right before cooking.

I just want to know if it's OK to make these batters the night before?